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"It's given me 

a great deal 

of confidence"

"Thank you so much for an amazing performance weekend and the months of rehearsals, I have loved every part of it"

"Thank you so much  for all the time you have given and all the organisation that went into creating the performance! Your scheduling right from the auditions to the final show was comprehensive and consistent leading to a fantastic production experience and final show!"

"I wanted to say thank

you so much for all your help with Musical Theatre, I've really loved every moment!"

"The way you brought 

the show together was 

just amazing to see! 

You are all so inspiring and amazing!"

"I have really enjoyed being 

apart of Elmaz and doing all 

the musicals"

"Absolutely fantastic 

opportunities, they 

really enjoy it! All Elmaz Activities are well planned and personalised programmes!"

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