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Elmaz Productions - Team Members

Our Team Members at Elmaz Productions are our Teaching Assistants, Events and Stage Crew, all of which who individually contribute fantastic experience and dedication to the Elmaz Productions programme delivery and Company values.   

We also work with groups of community volunteers who support our Team as the Events Crew of our bigger Performances and Events. 


"All the Creative

Team have

passionately and

colourfully put

all our ideas together"

"Being apart of 

Elmaz Productions

Creative Team has been

amazing from the 


"I am so proud of how 

much dedication our

teams put into every

project that Elmaz 

Productions does" 

"Our Teams

collaboration makes

Elmaz everything we 

had hoped 

for and more"

"I have absolutely loved 

being apart of Elmaz 

Productions Creative Team, 

seeing all our hardwork 

come to life in our

projects has felt 

truly rewarding"

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