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Company Director - Maz 


I've been passionate about the performing arts and musical theatre since seeing my first ever musical Annie at the age of 7 in London's West End. 

All through my childhood and teenage years I have been dancing, singing and acting, performing in shows wherever and whenever I could. 

In both my professional and personal life, the subject of mental health and the performing arts have always gone hand in hand. 

Everyone has their own story and I am always promoting how the performing arts can play such a part in positive experiences with mental health issues. 

For me, I read, listen, write and watch all types of things related to the performing arts world. I'm always learning but in such an enjoyable way! 


I believe amongst other things that performing arts allows you to be whoever you want to be most importantly yourself. 

Being able to share my passions with our daughter is one of the most treasured experiences of my life. 

I hope we can encourage anyone who wants to be a part of the performing arts world to come along and share the experience. 


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